Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Yesterday I took the boys out in the GORGEOUS weather to the park. They actually played NICELY. Cam would gently lift up Jake and set him in the toddler swing and gently push him. It was one of those times when I WISH that I'd had a Kodak moment! They even played on the slide, Cameron helping Jake when he was scared and teaching him that it's okay.
Today, we're yelling at each other, fighting over the same toy (Jake's birthday balloon which Cam REFUSES to give to Jake....he just loves tormenting him) and screaming and growling.
Why is it that late at night, around bedtime, my kids turn from sweethearts into monsters? WHY!? I want my kids, not these....creatures. This is NOT what I signed up for.


Deanna said...

we all have those days...sometimes I turn into the monster, so that's a plus that you're still human. :)

Better luck today. :)

Mattsmom said...

Honey I am right there with ya. I know that doesn't really help though...knowing that you are not alone in your misery...nothing helps. MONSTERS are no fun no matter what. sorry.