Thursday, February 18, 2010

Learning About the Birds and the Bees

Please don't throw tomatoes, but I haven't educated Cameron (who is 9, but mentally is about 5) about sex. He knows that everyone has private parts that shouldn't be touched or looked at, but he's never had any interest in knowing where babies come from, not even when I was pregnant with Jake.
On Sunday I came home from my parents' house, and turned on my favorite channel, TLC. They were showing a program called "Strange Sex." If I had KNOWN what it was called before I started watching it, I would have stopped watching it while my boys were sitting there with me.
They were showing a woman who was talking about how she was allergic to her husband's sperm, and how they REALLY wanted to have a baby, but it was difficult. Cameron, being the sensitive kid that he is, asked me, "Mom, why can't that lady have a baby?"
This seemed like a good opportunity to share with him the truth about where babies come from, and let him know that I realize that he's growing up and that he deserves to know the truth. So I told him that she was allergic to her husband's sperm, and that when babies are made a daddy gives sperm and mommies have eggs.
He stopped for a second and then he said, "MOM! Chickens make eggs....mommies don't!"
I told him that even though it sounds funny, it's true. Then he said, "Eggs are BIG and HARD!"
Yeah, I probably should have been informing this child a little earlier! ;)

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Rebekah said...

Hahahaha, that kid cracks me up! I say no harm, no fowl. My mother's old adage was always, "If the child is old enough to ask, they're old enough to know." And I agree. I was 5 when I asked and I remember learning the very basics. Good thing too because about 2 years later I was up at night to have an EEG to check my brain waves for epilespy (I had it when I was little) and there was a program on PBS showing all sorts of stuff about the science of sex. It was incredibly fascinating and since my mom had told me a little about it, it made lots more sense.

Some kids are just more curious about it than others. You're a good mom and can judge best when your kids are ready to learn certain things. Keep up the good work. =)