Friday, February 12, 2010

Boys' Valentines' Bouquet

I ordered a balloon bouquet for the boys earlier this week. I asked that they be delivered after 3:00 on Friday, so Cam would be home, but I guess they decided to deliver them early. (In fact, Jake was napping, and Cam was at school, so I was the only one who enjoyed the delivery part of the balloons anyway.) So I quickly woke Jake up (he DID need a bath anyway...) and kept playing up the fact that Mommy and Daddy had a gift for him downstairs. The poor boy's been SO miserable, he just wanted to nap, but I convinced him to get cleaned up.I raced him down the stairs, and grabbed the camera....All he could say when he saw them was, "Boons!" Then I pulled them down for him to enjoy, he brought them to me, and said, "Fix it!" Meaning, he wants me to pull a balloon off so he can play. When Cam got home, I told him to wait in the hallway while I grabbed the camera. He was intrigued, but did as he was told. Then he came around the corner and just stared. Then I told him to check out the card on the balloons. After he opened it, and *tried* to get Jake to see it too, he asked, "Can I play the Wii now?"
Nice! :P


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Hahahah, gota love boys. ;)