Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tea Towel Apron Tutorial

I've had people interested in making the tea towel aprons, so I figured I'd share. :) Step 1:
Take your open tea towel,upside-down, and put the two top corners together. (I tack them together, so they don't flop around.)
Step 2:
Find the middle of the towel, and measure down four fingers and pin the apron. (If you want the top smaller, that's fine too, but this makes a good average sized top.)
Step 3:
Depending on the size of ribbon you have for your tea towel, you will need to make two pockets down the sides of the pinned towel. Back-stitch at the beginning and the end.
Step 4:
Thread ribbon, enough to go around your neck and to tie in the back, through the newly-sewn pockets. (A good average length for the ribbon is 9 feet.)
I have sewn the ribbon at the top, enough room for my neck, so that it doesn't slip too much.
Simple and easy. If I can do it, you can too! :)


Rebekah said...

OMG! That's amamzing easy! Who knew? Other than tha fabrt, how much fabric does each one take?

Rebekah said...

Sorry, baby always hit home when I'm typing so my messages get messed up. I was asking about how many yards of fabric it takes to make one. =)

Dawnyel said...

Rebekah, it's a tea towel. I found mine at Porters, so I'm thinking they're available at craft stores. :)