Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Plans

I can't believe that Christmas is THIS week! The time just FLEW by. Seriously, wasn't it just July?
This week is kind of a busy week for my little family, but MOST of the plans should be fun.
Today our big plan is to go to the District Health office and get the H1N1 vaccination. I've been waiting for my boys to not be so sick when I take them to get it. I think once we're all vaccinated it will be a HUGE weight lifted off of my back. I'm so paranoid that any little cough or fever will blow up into this HUGE flu pandemic. (Yes, I'm crazy...)
Tomorrow Cameron is getting some dental work done. It's going to be done in a surgical setting, since the boy is SO anxious about anything going in his mouth. Hopefully they'll take care of this poor boy's pain and make him a little bit better!
Wednesday is my big baking day for the week. Cameron has his last day of school and his Christmas program (which I think they call a Winter Festival...can't offend anyone...) I'll go and watch his program, check him out of school early (LOVE that part of the whole thing...) and then we'll come home and make LOTS of Christmas cookies and treats. We heard through the grapevine that Santa wants snickerdoodles this year, so we'll be making the dough for those and some other fun cookies.
Thursday is the day we're spending with Steve's family. I'm actually VERY excited about this. Steve isn't AS excited as I am. We're going to leave in the morning, pick up Steve's parents and drive to spend the day at Steve's brother's house.
I'm excited about this, because I DO enjoy talking with my in-laws, and I know my boys just LOVE grandpa. He is their absolute FAVORITE! Cameron keeps asking when we get to see them, and when I tell him how soon it is he is practically GIDDY! I love it when my boys get this way!
We'll be having a good day laughing and talking and eating pizza. (Yes, pizza is the family tradition on Christmas Eve. I don't remember the whole story, but it started when Steve and his brother were in their teens. I don't *get* it, but I don't try and push MY traditions in on them either.) After dinner, we'll be taking Steve's parents home and HOPEFULLY we'll get home before it's too dark. We hope to see some of the fancier light displays and make some Christmas cookies.
Friday....The BIG day! We're going to be pretty laid back on Christmas, at least, that's my PLAN! I always make a big breakfast on Christmas (because that's what MY mom did...and we always enjoyed that tradition.) We'll stay home so the boys can play with their new things for a while, then we'll go to my parents' house and hopefully get to talk to my little brother (he comes home from his mission next summer!!) Then we'll have a family dinner and then the BIG family get-together that evening with my grandpa and my aunts and uncles and cousins. I'm sure the phone will be ringing off the hook with family who want to talk to grandpa and wish him a Merry Christmas.
Thankfully, my plans aren't TOO involved, and I'm planning on just relaxing and enjoying my week.
Christmas to me isn't about the stress of plans, it's about going with the flow, and enjoying each activity while you have it. It's about spending time with family and making lots of fun family memories together.

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Elena said...

We had pizza growing up too. I think it was b/c my mom was locked in her room all day wrapping and didn't have time to make dinner. LOL! And Santa is getting snickerdoodles here too. Mmmmm....:) HAve a great week!