Thursday, December 31, 2009

Good-Bye 2009

Over the past year:
Steve has worked his bum off. He stopped doing musicals, due to my insistence, and has joined a choir that he LOVES and does well in.
Cameron has gone through all the ups and downs of getting his ADHD under control. We may actually have the winning combination right now! :) He's also started to grow as a young man and is a VERY helpful older brother.
Jacob went from a squishy ball of goo to a walking, talking little boy. If you were to ask him who he was in a picture, he'd tell you "bebe," but would deny being the baby if you pointed to him and asked. (In fact, just a few minutes ago, he grabbed my arm, and chanted over and over, "SIPPY! SIPPY!! SIPPY!!!!" I can't believe how big he has grown over the last year!)
And me? I've just done what I do. I have gained a few bad habits over the last little bit, and resolve (which I RARELY do...) to stop swearing. (Yes, I swear, not a LOT and not really bad, but enough that it's beginning to bug me....I promise, I never swore until I had kids.....) I also hope to get in better shape (healthy, not necessarily losing weight, but that would be nice too...)
Happy new year, may it be filled with much happiness!

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