Monday, December 14, 2009

The Christmas Experiment

This year, we are VERY blessed. We were able to put many presents underneath our tree this year. It is humbling to have SO much.
We decided that since we have enough for our needs, we'd like to help others out, in the same way we've been helped out in the past. We went to the store on Saturday (how crazy are WE?! It was insane!!) and bought some toys for a family that we know will not be getting anything for Christmas this year. When we brought the gifts in the house to be wrapped, Cameron began crying. He was upset because he wanted the toys. They were JUST what he wanted. When I told him that these toys were for kids who wouldn't have a Christmas, he just cried that he wanted them even more.
I was in SHOCK!
I did NOT raise him to be such a selfish child. I promise.
Not only was he wanting these particular toys, but he also has been BEGGING for things when we go to the store. When he wrote his Santa letter, he kept thinking of MORE things that he wanted to ask Santa for.
I just realized how selfish and SPOILED he really is. It needs to be stopped NOW!
After thinking about it, and conferring with a parenting expert (thanks, Mom), we've come up with a solution. Not a nice solution, but one that I HOPE will open the eyes of one selfish little boy. We are taking ALL but one present of his from underneath the tree. We'll only leave him and Jake ONE present. We will then inform Cameron that since he has SO much, and is SO blessed, we decided to donate his Christmas to kids who need it. (Really, we're just trying to get a reaction, we won't be giving his things away, unless he NEEDS them taken away...) I may have a VERY sad boy on my hands tomorrow, but something drastic needs to happen.


Deanna said...

We have the same "want" problem at our house...I was shocked today when we went to ToysRUs for Tanner to get a toy with his birthday money from Grandma...EVERYTHING was "perfect! mom!" and "I want that!"....i was SO embarrassed!

I thought I would take each boy to get a gift for the they have SOMETHING to give...but I like your idea...cept there are no presents under our tree! (don't worry, I have some in a box in the closet)...

Kids. :) Good luck!

cressfamily said...

Not a bad idea. Just today on the way to school while we were waiting in the long line to drop the kids off. We had a nice little talk about wants and needs. I thinks it went well. I like to talk to them inthe car because there are no discrations and they can't leave. I have had a lot of talks with my kids that way and some very spiritual moments, because they too have my attention. It's not like I can go anywhere right there without them.