Saturday, November 07, 2009

Thankful November

My Mommy
I have the BEST mommy around. For years and years I was a major brat and would tell her almost daily that I hated her. (Yes, I've apologized over and over....but it's NEVER enough!) When I became a teenager I realized that the one thing I really wanted out of my life was to be friends with my mom. It took many, MANY years before that happened.
BUT now we ARE friends. In fact, besides Steve, she is my best friend. We talk about anything and everything. We are SO alike, and I wonder if that's why I disliked her so much growing up. Anyway, we will quite often say the same thing to Cameron, in the SAME tone of voice. (We said it one time at the same time, it was like hearing it in stereo!)
She is an amazing example to me of selfless sacrifice. She's taken care of MANY family members, including both of my grandmothers when they were sick with cancer. She now cares for her handicapped brother, doing more for him than I'm SURE she'd like to do. She helps out MY little family. She's there to support me, and let me know that she cares.
Yesterday she gave me a quick call to ask if I needed her to pick something up for me at the store. She doesn't HAVE to do this, but she does it anyway, and I'm so grateful.
I have the bestest mommy, and I am SO grateful that she and I have the relationship that we do now. I am SO blessed!

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doug & mary said...

That is so fun to be such good friends with your Mom. My Mom and I are the same way. I love that we can tell our Moms anything and they will still love us.