Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thankful November

Good Friends
Over my life I have been truly blessed to have such good friends surrounding me. When I was VERY young, we lived on a street that had NO other people who lived around us. Oh, there were bars and stores, but no neighbors. I dreamed of living somewhere where I would have friends. We moved to a WONDERFUL neighborhood when I was almost 5, and I met my first of many good friends.
She taught me how to use my imagination. She accepted me for who I am. And even when we fought (which, by the way, was TOTALLY stupid....) we always made up and acted like nothing had been wrong.
In high school I had a VERY good group of friends. I believe that I would have been a VERY different person if I had not been a part of this group. They encouraged me in SO many ways. I can't believe that I was really so lucky to have these girls in my life. (The occasional guy would try to join our group, but for the most part it was all girls...) I don't talk to many of the girls anymore, but I do appreciate the example they were to me.
And now that I'm older, I feel SO blessed to have SO many friends. I have good church friends, I have good family friends, and now because of the computer, I have amazing friends all over the country and a few in other countries. I feel so blessed to have people who care about me all over the world.


Rebekah said...

Love you! x)

doug & mary said...

You are a great friend.

Mattsmom said...

BIG FAT FREAKIN' DITTO WOMAN! My life has been enriched beyond my wildest imagination by friends. Specifically by you! HUGS!