Monday, August 03, 2009

Splash Park and Pond Fun

We've had some fun times lately. I've had the pictures for a while, but I've been pretty lazy about posting.
Last Thursday we went to a local splash park. SO MUCH FUN!! Cam loved it, once he warmed up to it. Jake, however, did NOT like it. He loves baths, but he does NOT like cold water in his clothes. After the splash park we rode the carousel. Both boys loved it!
Today we went to a pond with some friends. Again, it was fun.


Jewelle said...

Oh I love the splash park! The water there is freezing, but so fun! Looks like your summer has been full of great times!

Woolstenhulme Family said...

We went to that splash park last week too. It is a pretty nice little splash park. We did not get to ride the carosel, I was a little bumped about that.
Jake is looking like such a big boy. It is amazing how much he has grown.