Sunday, August 30, 2009

End of Summer

This summer has been such a fun one for our little family. We didn't get to go camping as often as we would have liked, but we did spend QUITE a few nights huddled together under a blue canopy.
Cameron has LOVED his time at the Learning Center, and when he asked me when his last day was and I told him it was Friday, he almost cried. He loved working with those young, enthusiastic people. He's enjoyed his new friends and is sad to leave it behind. But I reminded him that he will get to go there again next summer and I could hear the tears leave in place of a happy boy.
Jake has fallen in love with being outside. Even though we don't play outside at home much (too scary) he's learned that he can play safely outside at Grandma's house, and often stands at her front windows jabbering that he's ready to go out. Any time any of us leave, whether it's Steve for work, or me running an errand, he knows and he will scurry over to the door pointing and TRYING to turn the knob. He loves being on the go and playing outside.
We spent many nights going to the drive-in and seeing fun movies. I'm so glad we live where we have the option of going to these places. They're so much fun, and will be very memorable for our boys as they get older. Those nights where the four of us are together are such cherished memories.
Most of these things will change.
School starts tomorrow. Cameron (and I) are VERY ready for this new school year. Cam is excited to get a new teacher and principal. We're anxious for his learning to continue. I'm excited because Jake will have free time to just play by himself and not worry that he's about to be taken from whatever fun he's got going on and can just play.
I will definitely miss the sleeping in. (I've trained Cameron from a VERY young age to take himself to the living room, help himself to breakfast and keep himself occupied while mommy sleeps...) I'm trying to train Jake to sleep in, but it's slow in coming.
Over all, I've got many fun summer memories, and I'm ready for the next school year. Let the 3rd grade begin!! :)

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Rebekah said...

wow, third grade!! Crazy!!! I'm happy for all of you in the new adventure which is school. Good luck!