Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Motivation Seems To Have Left

Any motivation I may have had for cleaning my house....gone.
For doing outside activities.....gone.
For blogging.....gone.
I apologize, but I think the heat of summer has zapped my energy. I am constantly tired, falling asleep while sitting up. I'm too hot to do much of anything besides seek out the cool air.
Quick updates:
Steve is still working hard. I rarely see him sometimes because he's helping cover other people's shifts, or he's working toward a full weekend off. He's such a good guy! :)
Cameron has gotten quite ornery. He has learned that he can sleep past 7:00 in the morning, and since he has to be to the Learning Center at 9:00, he is having a hard time getting there on time. (Even though it's JUST around the corner from here....) He's also just been a pill. He doesn't want to do much and I'm not forcing him if he doesn't want to. Bad mommy-skills, I guess.
Jake is walking EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING. His favorite things to play with are probably the most dangerous things he could get. He loves ropes or strings. He likes to wrap them around the back of his neck (so he looks like he's wearing a tie). I'm thinking we need to find the boy a backpack or some sort of necklace to keep him from strangling himself. He also likes to play with the long and hard. Bats, brooms, mops, long-ish toys.... Then he pushes them around. If he had his choice, the broom is his ABSOLUTE favorite. Who knows why? Maybe once we figure THIS mystery out, we'll learn where my motivation went.

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Kim said...

I know what you mean. I took the first part of the summer in stride, being quite lazy at times. Now, starting on Monday, I have nothing but 3 weeks straight of getting ready for the upcoming school year! Yikes!