Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Summer Tradition

We have gone to the drive-in theater three times so far this year, and I have to say, it's one of my absolute FAVORITE things to do with my family. We pack up the car with goodies, blankets and have a blast! (Of course, Jake is still a little too young to enjoy the movie, but he likes sitting in the front seat of the van with mom...usually jumping on my lap.)
I think after 3 trips we've figured out all the things we need to go. The first time we went I learned that we need to pack a blanket for EVERYONE and not just the kids. (I froze my little tushie off....)
The second time we learned that the car is NOT ideal to take the kids in. Cam could not find a comfortable position and whined that he needed a pillow.
This time, we had it all JUST right. We took the van (Cam camped out in the back seat during the second movie...had a sleeping bag, pillow and his Spongebob blanket. Jake fell asleep when we had about a half hour left of the first movie, and he slept REALLY well in his car seat. I had a comfy seat that completely reclined...I nearly fell asleep during the second movie, and I didn't feel bad about it either....
Cameron has begun asking if we are going to go to the movies...meaning the drive-in, and I am happy to tell him that sometimes we will....
Fun family traditions in the making! :)

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