Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thoughts on Life, and other Randomness

Jake is taking his first few wobbly steps. It's SO exciting to watch him slowly let go, get his balance and then take a few QUICK steps. Today he walked 3 steps from our coffee table to our big chair. I made sure to clap for the boy, so he knew that walking by himself is a good thing. I have a feeling it won't be much longer before he's running around by himself....with me hurrying to catch up.
He's also waving "night night." It's not "bye bye," it's "nigh nigh." Last night he not only waved, but he also SAID it. It's so CUTE!!
Cameron has had a few behavioral issues lately, but for the most part, he's been good and helpful. I am getting really tired of telling him to let Jake make his own mistakes and just to leave him alone. He doesn't quite understand that he has to let Jake learn on his own. He wants to do everything for him and control his every move.
I've never been an EXCELLENT speller, but I think I'm pretty good. I have issues spelling words aloud, stemming from my first spelling bee encounter in the first grade. (I just had issues with my first grade teacher, but that's another story....) I'm watching the National Spelling Bee and I'm in AWE of these kids. They are SO smart, and SO young. There was a girl who was just a few years older than Cameron, and she knew meanings to words that I'm sure he'll not know or even CARE to know for a very long time. I wish I was smart enough to know the language of origin for most words. Maybe that would make me smarter, but then again, it might not.
I am missing my parents. They've only been on their trip for a few days, but I now miss the things they do for us. Cam and Jake LOVE going to Grandma's house and with her gone, we don't go very much. Both boys are showing their frustration with not seeing Grandma and being able to play with her. I'm also missing my friend/mom. I talk to her almost everyday, and with her not around I find I'm texting a LOT more.
Tomorrow is my sweet husband's birthday. I love teasing him. I've got to wrap his presents while he's not around, otherwise, he'll figure out what he's getting. He isn't one of those people who like to be surprised on their birthday, he likes to try and figure out what he's getting BEFORE he gets it. It gets SO hard to buy things for him because he figures it out BEFORE I can get it for him. Why can't he just be happy with whatever he gets instead of getting SO excited over his gift??


Rebekah said...

No worried, Dawn. I'm a very good speller and know plenty of big words, but I have a big hang-up being able to spell them aloud. I think it stems from second grade, but I'm sure it was so traumatic I blocked it out..... I normally have to write it down and then spell it aloud to whom ever wanted to know.. well, words over 5 letters at least. =P

Mattsmom said...

I am with you on the spelling aloud thing. I have to see a word to know it is right a lot of the time.

It is so fun to see the little ones make big mile stones!

Woolstenhulme Family said...

That is awesome that Jack is taking his first steps! It is crazy our little babies are almost a year old!! The time has done by fast.
Tell Steve Happy birthday for us.