Thursday, April 23, 2009

Guilt by Dental Hygienist

Today was Cam's dentist appointment, and BOY did that hygienist lay the guilt on.
I admit that I don't always ENFORCE teeth brushing, I'm bad...I should.
Poor Cam has MULTIPLE cavities, and because of his severe dentist anxiety he is going to be getting them filled in a hospital setting. (Which is WAY better than trying to hold the boy DOWN....but still, it's a LOT of work.)
We had to go to a new dentist's office and the receptionists were AMAZINGLY friendly. LOVED them!! The billing secretary was amazingly nice too. The dental assistant who took the boy back was VERY friendly and nice, but the hygienist who cleaned the kid's teeth?? Man!
I got SEVERAL lectures.
I feel horrible. It's MY fault the boy is having dental issues. In fact, his issues are SO bad that he may get full-blown periodontal disease before he graduates from high school.
I will do better, but sheesh, can't you be NICE to the struggling mama? I had to TRY to keep the baby entertained while keeping Cameron calm. Thankfully, this office caters to kids, and Cameron was SO good!! Like SOOOOOOOOOO good! I was very proud of him!
On another side-note, the boy's also going to have to see an orthodontist soon. He doesn't have enough room in his mouth for all of his teeth. He's got some teeth that have taken over space where he's supposed to have some OTHER teeth. *sigh* And to think I just thought we were going in for a simple cleaning.
Here's a sleeping baby AFTER an early morning dental apointment...complete with balloon FROM the dentist's office! :D


Elena said...

OH....I know your dental woes. Alyssa had to go under at the hospital to get some dental work done too. Here's my advice. Go see the ortho first and see if any teeth need to be pulled, then they can do it while Cam is under. That's what we did for Alyssa. Killed 2 birds w/one stone. And usually the first consolutation with the ortho is free.

Snigger Fam said...

Oh man I'm sorry!!!! I love that picture. :)

Deanna said...

No fun. We just got four cavities filled in Tanner's mouth on Thursday, and I just asked that we not do the hospital...too $$$$. So, they were kind and offered the $100 drink which worked like a charm, was great entertainment for me, and 1/3 the price of the hospital. Good luck with that!