Monday, March 16, 2009

Lost in Real Life

I've been pretty sparse online lately, and I apologize....
Last weekend Jake was sick. He's got Thrush (for the FOURTH time....we're gonna kill it DEAD this time...I SWEAR) and Sunday morning he woke up with a NASTY cough that was making him gag and nearly throw up. I decided that I'd keep him home to prevent other kids from getting whatever he'd had, not that I was worried about him being "sick" but I didn't want to share. Then we WERE going to go visit my parents on Sunday, but an overly-long home teaching visit tore that idea all to pieces. :(
Jake's also been getting into EVERYTHING. He crawls away from us faster than we're used to. He's demolished several good books (BOARD BOOKS) and some of our church magazines!! There's a nearly perfect hole in the back cover of the October Conference edition!
Saturday we had a surprise visit from Steve's brother, girlfriend and their son. I wasn't really looking forward to it, because I'd already had plans and I REALLY didn't want to clean my house, but once they came I had an enjoyable visit with them.
Sunday the local newspaper came out with it's special section, "Born in '08." We'd entered Jake, but some little girl in a pink tutu won for June. :( I think the judges were blind. My baby was THE most beautiful in the WHOLE edition, and NO, I'm NOT biased at all! ;)
I've also decided that just because I have a computer in my home again doesn't mean that I *have* to be online all the time, so I've tried cutting back.
I've realized, after a complete night full of Facebook dreams, that I was doing too much non-stuff online. I dreamed that I was reading all of my friends' status updates AS they happened. (I guess that kind of a thing is called Twittering, but I'm not "hip" on that kind of a thing...Facebook is as "cool" as I can be.) I just really needed a reality break.
Dealing with a sick kid is as REAL as I want to be.
On a happy note, my good friend had her baby today. (I'm watching her son for her while she's in the hospital recovering.) Congrats to Baby Javin and his not so SMALL status. He weighed in at 11 POUNDS 5 ounces. HOLY MOLEY!! Good thing the kid was a c-section! Recover quickly, Janet! :)


Amy said...

Hey sweetie, I read your blog sometimes I'm just too lazy to comment. I'll be better at that. Hope Jake feels better soon

Elena said...

You and your dreams. You're as bad as me. I love it! Sorry about the sickies. We SO need spring to come!