Friday, December 19, 2008

ADHD, Why Yes, We DO Know What That Is...

Cameron had his doctor's appointment yesterday for ADHD testing, and yes, (no shock here) he DOES have it. Doctor O recommended lots of things, but the initial thing was starting the boy on meds. I did a lot of running around last night to get them, but we are set (for now!)
I gave him his first dose this morning (with him freaking out a bit before he took it) and he swallowed it in 2 tries. (YAY!) Then within an hour I noticed a HUGE change in my child. HUGE! Normally, Cam will go up and down the stairs multiple times, bother me or his dad OR his brother, beg to play the DS for a while or do other things. But normally, he's on the move. Today? He ate his breakfast, then sat on the couch and watched cartoons until the bus came. That was IT! It was huge!!
Then today when I checked him out for the holiday break, his teacher reported on his day. All of the teachers noticed a difference in the boy. He was mellow and very laid back. They did notice him getting back to his "Cameron" self around lunchtime, but they were cooped up in the classroom and it was kinda crazy anyway. But soon after lunch was over, he was mellow again.
I'm hoping that this will help the boy focus more on his school work and mellow out. (Which as of now, a few hours out, it IS working!)
Thank heaven for modern medicine!!


Deanna said...

That's wonderful! He has a lot of energy, and I bet you're glad he can be more calm, now! Have a Merry Christmas!

elena said...

Aren't we grateful to live in this day and age when we can get the help we need. Here's hoping they help him with school too!