Monday, November 10, 2008

Wait, You Mean You've Never Heard of Cody?

So I was talking with my friend today about a guy I dated MANY moons ago named Cody. And yes, Cody IS his real name. He was a guy I was dating before I met Steve.
A LONG time ago, in an age where there wasn't so many people meeting on the Internet I was set up on a blind date with a guy. My friend told me how he was SUCH a nice guy and that he was getting ready to go to college so he could be a PE teacher. She told me that she and her boyfriend would double with us, so it wouldn't be so awkward.
When Cody first came to my front door I was in shock. He was a stubby, blond, near-balding, chubby guy. I wasn't expecting him. I later found out that Cody wasn't going to be a PE teacher (BIG surprise!!) He wanted to be an accountant. I kind of liked him (but I think I "liked" him because there was no one else around.) but I remember thinking that I hoped he'd find someone who truly made him happy.
We took walks around the river and I gave him every opportunity to hold my hand, but he didn't. He was just SO shy. (And you all know me....I'm NOT that shy! Hello, can we say, I told you guys all about my boobies??)
For a while I thought that no other prospects would come along, so I convinced myself that I really DID like Cody. When I went away to college, I even bored my new friends with constant talk about him.
One date we went on I really changed my mind about Cody. We were at dinner and for nearly the WHOLE time he stared at my chest. I was mortified that he was SO obsessed with my boobs!
A few weeks later when I was at school, Cody sent me flowers with a note that said that he liked me and he wanted to know if I'd be his girlfriend. I was upset. I had JUST gotten out of my parents' house and wanted to date around before settling for something I wasn't happy with. He ended up visiting me on a day I was having a gall bladder attack. I was basically writhing in pain on my bed, and he just sat there. My friends came and he sat in the chair staring at me.
Finally, when they'd all left I told him I was flattered, but I didn't feel like I could just stay with ONE guy. I felt bad, but I didn't want to be held back.
A few weeks later I ended up going home to vote. I was only in town for 30 minutes, MAYBE! I didn't really call him because I figured I wouldn't be home for very long (which I wasn't) and didn't really feel like I needed to answer to him anyway.
Well, this guy was SO obsessive over me, he ended up bugging my brother at HIS job (which was just down the road from where Cody worked) and my brother told him that I had come home. My brother told me that Cody was SO furious, and since that day I haven't really heard from him.
Sadly, Cody works at my favorite store, and whenever I see him there, I have to make Steve check out alone, or I switch check-out lanes.
It's a sad part of my history, but it's made me who I am. (Not that you really WANTED to know, but now you do!)


Jewelle said...

That is funny! I thought I was the only person who avoided ex-boyfriends when I run into them. So what store does he work at so I can go get a look at him ;)

Kim said...

Oh my, I actually remember this guy. I think I only met him a couple of times, but I remember his laugh and how annoying I thought it was. Thank goodness your life took a turn for the better and you met Steve!

CareBearMommy said...

Man... you sure have had a lot to say in the past week! I missed it because my laptop got misplaced when my inlaws came to visit. Good luck finding a new OT for Cam, and way to go with Jake getting his fourth tooth. Their Halloween costumes were cute. Did you make Cameron's? ANYhoo, I really do need to give you a call one of these days so we can just blab. I hope you get feeling better soon.

Anne/kq said...

Wow, what a story! I have to wonder if maybe he has some kind of social disorder? 'Cause that's just... weird.

Mattsmom said...

Funny. I was at "your favorite store" today...and I looked around for a "Cody". Never saw one though.

Amy said...


Emilee said...

Hey lady, You are cracking me up! So fun to see you on the blog side of the world. It was far out that we had our babies on the same day. Yippeee~! I am LAUGHING about your Cody story. Do you think you could tell us which store and we could have a girls night and all go buy something...HA! Take care lady. Em