Friday, October 10, 2008

Two More Things

Steve and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary yesterday. We didn't have a lot of money, so we did simple things. I went to Walmart and got Steve one of his favorite treats (gummy worms) then I went to his work while he was busy and decorated the windows of his car with hearts and kissy lips. I wrote "I love you" on the back window and "love you" inside some of the hearts on the windows. I stuck the gummy worms on the driver's seat, and then I left. I didn't stick around too long, because I wanted it to be a surprise, but I was so sad I couldn't see his reaction. He took the garbage out at work, walking by the car, but didn't even notice it. He finally DID notice when he was getting ready to come home. He was pleasantly surprised.
He came home bearing 3 carnations and an original poem that he wrote. The poem was so sweet, and the carnations were so yummy smelling and pretty! :)

Then that night we used some gift cards to eat at a restaurant (which we weren't all that impressed with, that's why I'm not putting up the name) and rented a movie (which we had a free coupon for.) We did end up going over our amount for the gift card at the restaurant, so in total we spent $20. I think we did pretty good!

Tomorrow Cameron will be getting baptized. He's SO excited!! We were kind of worried that he wouldn't pass the interview (earlier this year when we asked him what the Word of Wisdom was, he said it's when you get smart...) but he did! I can't believe my little boy is making such a HUGE step! I'm so proud of him! :)


mattsmom said...

Happy anniversary! That rocks! You are a sweetie...and oh so creative!

Congrats to Cam tomorrow! It is such a huge step!

I am curious about the restaurant...just so I know where not to waste my mo0la.

Anne/kq said...

Awww! 9 years and you two are still cute. :)

I want to know where not to go, too.

Amy said...

happy anniversary!!

CareBearMommy said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had fun, even though you didn't totally love your dinner. So, what movie did you see?