Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I'm SO Bad With Blogging

I feel shame, but not enough shame to really and truly change my ways.
I don't blog anymore. I just don't. It's not because my life has gotten any better, it hasn't. It's because Facebook is just easier to get that instant gratification.
So, in the spirit of actually writing a post, here's an update.
We have a new dog. Rusty wasn't working out. He kept tackling Jacob anytime that he went out the back door, and we were prisoners to the dog. He was also a biter. I could almost live with the holes he dug in the back yard, the constant jumping, and no grass, but the biting was the last straw. 
When we went camping, one of my aunts brought up her new puppies, Jugs. (Jack Russell Terriers and Pugs) They were SO cute, and not at all what I thought a pug-mix should have looked like. My aunt had gotten her puppies from my other aunt. The next time I saw my aunt I waltzed up to her and said, "Hey, I LOVE your Jugs." People who didn't know what I was talking about looked at me like I was nuts. 
Anyway, long story short, she gave us her last Jug puppy. She wanted to keep him, but had too many other dogs and her work wasn't helping either. He came named, however. His name is Fenton (after the dude who hates Fez on "That 70's Show.") He is lots of fun, and has the sweetest personality. He does get extremely hyper at times, but we all giggle when he chases his tail or runs in fast circles in the middle of the floor. The boys love him (almost too much) and he loves them. No matter what they do to him, he doesn't snap at them, or hurt them (unless he's playing...) 
Which leads me to my next update: Jake almost lost his right ear a few months ago. I was canning plum jam (from our AMAZING plum tree and at a good friend's house) and didn't pay attention to Jacob playing with Fenton. Fenton got a little rough, and scratched Jake's ear. I didn't think much of it, because Jake is quite dramatic, and he cries a lot. Soon I checked it though, and noticed his ear was sliding down. Thankfully, I got an appointment at our pediatrician's office and they glued and steri-stripped the boy's ear. He now has a slight bump, but is doing well. He's also more careful around the dog. 
Cameron turned 12 last month. It was a huge milestone. He became a deacon and passed the sacrament at church for the first time. He got a little turned around the first time, and looked to us for help. There really isn't any way we could have helped him, so a sweet priest, who was also blessing the sacrament, came down, and gently guided Cam around where he was supposed to go. I was an emotional mess. I truly felt that this is how Christ would have helped my son. He would have gently guided him and just loved him. I wanted to jump up and give that priest a hug, but as it was, I told him thank you after church. Cam has done marvelously since then. 
Cameron also has a PSR worker (Psychosocial Rehabilitation). His first PSR worker was nice, but didn't really do much good. She would take him to the office where he would play games with other kids, and really, that's not what he needed. So I had a talk with his counselor (he's new too....a whole lot of changes happened all at once...) and we decided that Cameron needed guidance in the mornings and evenings, when his medication is not in his system. So he got a new PSR worker (who is male) and he comes every other morning and helps Mr. Cameron with his morning routine. He can get Cameron to do things that he would NEVER do with me, which is great and a bummer at the same time. He is also a counselor, so he's got an arsenal of tools to help him. Cam is doing fantastic now. He's so grown up, mentally and physically. He's only 5 inches shorter than me!! 
Steve started college a few months back. He's doing an online program, and is very motivated to get good grades. As of right now, he's got a 99.16%. He's so proud of himself, and is enjoying it. (As I write, he's doing his assignment. I'm so proud of this man!) 
He and I did another class together: Love and Logic. I would love to tell you that I am a genius in this area, but really, I struggle. I love the techniques that actually give me words in specific situations, because I am NOT creative. Thankfully, I married a creative man. He is a better father and husband...and I attribute that to this class. I really need a refresher daily, but will settle with reading my book and looking online. My boys don't really know what to do with us when we use it on them. 
Finally, I have a new/old calling: I'm our ward's Primary Chorister. Yes, I've done this calling before, and yes, I can do it again. I just need to gear myself up for it again. I've lost a lot of the skills I had developed the last time I did it. I CAN do it though, and I will. 
We are truly grateful for this past year. We have been in our home for almost a year, and it's been wonderful. We are so blessed. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kid Funnies

I have had a couple of funny kid moments happen tonight, I MUST preserve them!! 
At dinner, Cam was nearly in tears. Summer school ended today and the child is highly anxious. He looked at me and on the verge of tears said, "Mom, what are we going to do for the rest of the summer?" 
I stared at him, blankly, and replied, "Nothing." 
He started to cry at this point and said, "REALLY!?"
I thought I'd be funny, and tease him to stop him from crying, so I said, "Well, we could sit on our thumbs all summer." 
Jake thought it was funny and started laughing.
Cameron looked at me dubiously and asked, "Really, mom. What are we going to do?" 
Jake said, "SIT ON OUR THUMBS!!" 
I said, "Yup, we'll sit on our thumbs, maybe we'll have a farting contest...." 
At this point, I made a disclaimer, "IF you try TOO hard, you might poo, but it could be fun...." Then Jake and I strained and made funny noises....
Jake then said, "Um....I peed." 
Yup, he'd peed his pants trying to force a fart. Guess that will show me not to tease when I can't live with the consequences. 
Then after bathing Jake and putting him in pajamas (the previous conversation happened at the dinner table....I know, totally appropriate, right?) he came over to me, leaned on my arm and said, "Mom, I figured out why dad's DS won't work." 
Earlier I had tried getting Steve's Nintendo DS to work so that Jake could play with it...it wouldn't work for ANYTHING. I'm sure that there's some glob of goo in there that's throwing things off. Anyway, I'd given up.
So I asked Jake why he thought it wasn't working. He looked RIGHT into my eyes and said, "It's because I've been playing it for FIVE years." 
I coughed a bit and said, "What did you say?"
He repeated, "I've been playing it for years."
"No, how many years did you say?"
"Jake, you're only 4, I'm impressed!" 
Yup, my boys are silly!! 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Newest Member of Our Family

It's been a while since I decided to give up. Maybe not long enough though.
Steve had been telling me for a while that he's wanted a dog for his birthday. Initially I said NO! After the kitty problems at Christmas-time I was not prepared mentally for a pet. Then I started looking at dogs online and thought, "why not." (Sometimes I wonder why I think like this...)
Anyway, my brother called me one night and asked if we wanted a dog. I told him that we might, but Steve should approve it, since it would be HIS birthday present. My brother took the dog over to Steve (who was working at the time) and Steve fell instantly in love. He brought the dog home that night (around 3 am...it was a VERY long night.) 
In the last month we've had quite an adventure. We went through many names before settling on Rusty. He is named that because he has rust colored spots on his face and legs. 
The boys love him. The first thing they do when we come home is run to the back door and ask Rusty if he missed them. The dog reciprocates by jumping on them and whining or barking. After one day the dog had officially accepted us as his people. He loves the boys (which is HUGE, since they're not always nice to him) and he REALLY loves me. The sad part is that he doesn't love Steve as much. 
Right now the dog is going through puppy acts and teething. He bites and chews on nearly everything. Just today I found a Nerf football SHREDDED under the computer desk. I have plenty of dog toys and raw hides for the dog, but he prefers Jake's toys. 
He is a fun dog, but not quite as bright as he could be....
We love our newest member of the family. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Me and My Mama

Love her SO much. Happy Mother's Day!! 

The Boys that Make me a Mommy

Love these guys SO much. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Winding Down

I feel bad that I don't post here very often anymore. I wonder if it's time to put the blog to bed, and start up with a regular journal. 
Something to think about...

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Time in Prison

About a month ago, I had one of the most special experiences EVER, and I don't know why I forgot to share it here, but now MUST be the time. 
After Time Out for Women, I was on a Spiritual high. I was happy, I was also working on the whole forgiveness thing, but things were about to get MORE Spiritual, and MORE emotional. I was invited to go to the Women's prison for a special fireside put on by one of my good friends. She was going to share her personal story with these women about her journey from prison bars to temple walls. 
I have to admit, when I first volunteered to go to the prison, read through their list of rules and filled out the papers, I was SO nervous. What kind of place was I going to? Were the women going to bully me? Were they all scary looking, covered in tattoos with piercings and short spiky hair? What was I getting myself into?
All of those emotions left me as we pulled into the parking lot. 
I was more excited to hear my friend's amazing story, and help support HER. She was so nervous, and who could blame her, really? She was reliving all of those emotions she'd had when she had gone to prison the first time. We reassured her that this time she would be able to leave WITH us, and that she was there to inspire those women. She was doing a good thing, and we would be with her 100%. 
We walked through the metal detectors, got scanned, then waited to be let inside. We walked the blue line to the gym to find that some inmates had set up the chairs, ready for our arrival. My friend asked us (my friends J and D) to sit on the front row, right where she could see us, then began one of the most precious, amazing things I had ever attended. Before my friend spoke, we got to shake hands with some of the women. It was against the rules to hug or give them items, so a friendly smile and handshake were ALL that we could offer. Many women looked just like anyone else I would meet. Neatly combed hair, beautiful eyes....the only difference was that these women were wearing jumpsuits. 
As my friend told of her story and the miracle that is the Atonement of Christ, I felt the spirit of these women. THEY were the ones who were humble and teachable. They were amazing to behold. 
After my friend spoke, the women were allowed to share their testimonies or experiences. I didn't have enough tissues to wipe the tears that were shed. These women now felt hope and strength that someone had been where they are, and came out on the other side with hope and happiness. 
I learned a lot about judging others. I learned that we are truly all children of God. That he loves us all unconditionally. He wants ALL of us to repent and return to live with Him. There is hope for all of us, those with big, red, ugly sins, and those who only have the red kind. He truly will forgive us all, and loves all of us. 
A month later I barely remember the names of the women we met. I don't remember much of the words that were said, but the ONE thing that has stuck with me is the feeling of being in the presence of angels. Angels in jumpsuits, who are just trying to do what we all do....fix our mistakes, and move on. Their faces and spirit will FOREVER be apart of my life. I'm SO grateful for them, and their acceptance of someone so judgmental and imperfect.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


We've had an adventure today already....and it's only 9:30. 
I woke up a little earlier than I usually do and went upstairs. Cameron got ready and the morning started pretty typical. Then when Cameron was dressed, he came into the family room and said, "Mom, I keep hearing meowing." 
 I said, "Oh, it's probably outside...." and then I heard it.
It was in my house. 
I listened to figure out where it was, and once I opened up my fireplace insert, I knew. The cat was stuck IN my chimney on top of my insert. 
I have to admit, I freaked out a bit. The boys were cooing to the cat while simultaneously asking if we could keep the cat. I didn't know what to do or who to call. 
I went and woke up Steve. I told him there was a cat stuck in the chimney, and asked him what we should do. He groaned and I told him, "No, really....there's a cat stuck in the chimney." 
I immediately got on Facebook, asking for advice. Someone suggested that we call the non-emergency police or animal control. Well, I decided to call the police and then maybe THEY would direct me where to go. It turns out our local non-emergency number is also animal control. The dispatcher promised to find someone to come out. 
About a half hour later (Steve had been working on getting the cat out the whole time...) animal control arrived. Jake instantly hugged the man, I'm sure it was because he knew he'd save the kitty. 
Then they went to work. 
Mr. Animal Control had a 6 foot long noose stick that he tried to grab the cat with, but it wasn't long enough. He called for the longer stick. 
At this point, Cameron was gone to school, and we had 3 people working on the problem. I called my mom and asked to borrow a drill of some sort in case we needed to remove our insert to save the cat. My brother had something, and I left to get it. 
When I came home, Animal control was gone, and the cat was out. We had thought that it was a kitten that had gotten stuck, but it was a full-grown fluffy, gray cat. The cat had a collar, so it has an owner....
I was told once the cat got out that it wanted to run. (Who could blame him?) 
We now need to get some chicken wire and cover our chimneys, otherwise this will happen to us, again!!!